I'm Looking for my Right Hand Person!

I’m Alexandria, a mental health therapist with a virtual private practice based in Augusta, Georgia.  I have been a therapist for over 17 years and am very passionate about what I do.  I help individuals (mostly women) and couples release habits that no longer serve them, create and sustain healthy loving relationships, and cultivate the skills necessary to flourish in their daily lives.  I also host an annual vision board workshop to help people set their tone for their year ahead.

Currently my business model is very simple; only individual therapy, couples therapy, and one annual live event.  However, the practice is growing, I am adding some new offers, and I need some help!

If we’re going to be working together here are a few things that you need to know about me:

  • I have high standards and value professionalism, organization, and attention to detail.
  • I’m a little scatter brained with all my big ideas and can get stuck on trying to make things perfect. I need someone to help reign me in, focus, and assist with execution.
  • Technology is not my jam! I need someone that can set up my systems and bring some method to the madness that is my social media.  I only post when I feel like it and it’s usually the last thing on my mind.
  • This position is client facing and you will often be the first person the client encounters. Exemplary communication skills and a positive attitude are a must! I am a stickler about customer service and want my clients to feel like they are in the right place. They should have an amazing experience from beginning to end.
  • I’m very serious about my business, but also, let’s have some fun.  Having a company culture where we can infuse some humor while getting the job done is important to me.

Sound Like You?

This contracted position will start with 15-20 hours a month and will scale up as the company does.  Pay will range from $18-$21 an hour based on experience and skillset.  Experience with admin, implementing systems, program launches, and social media is required. I want to grow my business with this person by my side.  

If this sounds good to you so far, here are the things that I’ll need you to do:

General Admin / Systems Management:

  • Email management
  • Google Drive Management
  • Scheduling social media posts in Canva
  • Set up and management of Click up, Zapier, Thrive cart, Stripe, and Convert kit. Again, Technology is not my jam!
  • Keeping me on track with internal goals and deadlines
  • Miscellaneous tasks that come up as I grow

Launch Support:

  • Setting up email sequences
  • Creating social media graphics in Canva and a posting schedule
  • Managing client information, waitlists, and check out processing
  • Help strategize and plan future launches
  • Create and update a database with vendors and venues for in-person workshops and be the liaison to ensure proper execution of the entity as needed.

Client Engagement:

  • Manage routine client communications via email and phone; be that calming and friendly voice that reassures them that they are in the right place.
  • Create a system for tracking client birthdays, anniversaries, therapy graduations and sending emails, cards, etc. to clients.
  • Onboarding and off boarding clients
  • Manage exit surveys and testimonial collection.
  • Send policy information update emails regarding deductibles, insurance verification, and status changes.

Event Support:

  • Attend the workshops and group events online and in-person (very limited).
  • Act as liaison to coordinate with vendors including photographer, videography, caters, venue contacts, etc. 
  • Assist with executing theme and décor
  • Prepare name tags, workbooks, and other materials for the event.
  • Greet and check in guests, assist with set up and breakdown at in-person events
  • Create a program feedback survey and testimonial collection
  • Other tasks as needed.
PLEASE NOTE: This position is not for anyone interested in becoming a therapist, owning their own private practice, or coaching business.  The pathway for this position is VA to OBM.  This position is for someone looking to grow and have longevity within the company.  Additionally, it is unethical for any former or current clients to apply for this position as this would create a dual relationship.

You’re a Perfect Fit If..

  • You have experience as a VA.
  • You are incredibly organized, detail oriented, and are interested in making anything that you are a part of better. 
  • You are timely.  Schedules run tight at Be Intentional, especially on client days, so if the meeting starts at 9:00 please don’t hop on at 9:05.
  • You live in Georgia and have great availability.  Bonus points if you live within the Augusta area! 
  • You understand that being a part of a growing company has some growing pains.  You are not afraid of being pushed or challenged. 
  • You have great communication and customer service skills. 
  • If you’ve read this far, on your application under “name”, tell me your favorite Beyonce’ song.
  • You value diversity and inclusion.
  • Canva, Click Up, CovertKit, ThriveCart, Google Drive, and Zapier are programs that you know like the back of your hand.  
  • You promise not to ask me things that the SOP, Google or YouTube could answer for you. 
  • You take initiative and are efficient.  I don’t have to constantly remind you to do things and you get it done in a timely manner.

Ready to do this? Applications due October 7, 2022